How it Works

Instead of hunting for the operational bugs that pose a risk to your infrastructure, we bring them directly into where you’re already working today – your ITSM tool. We correlate the risks against your CMDB, and only bring in the severity you want to see thereby significantly reducing the number of Problem records.

See How We Simplify Your Search for Vendor Bugs

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of vendor bug data versus BugZero’s interface in your ITSM tool

Why we do it

We have been ‘in the trenches’ and held operational responsibility for IT Operations for numerous decades combined. We have a passion for solving disruptions caused by vendor operational bugs after countless outages caused by this very problem. We understand and respect how difficult your job is and are working hard towards solving this problem for all of us.

Purpose: increase uptime, reduce pain
Method: collect and identify risks
End State: predictable IT operations enabling your team to focus on adding business value

Our goal is to improve stability of IT operations, by identifying and proactively notifying you of your vendor’s operational bugs, thereby reducing painful downtime.


1. Quality, especially software quality – fix broken code before adding new features
2. Simplicity over complexity – make it easier
3. Follow the Golden Rule from the customer’s perspective
4. Professionalism and fundamental attention to detail

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